Emeibaby Carrier- Baali Rainbow Summer


  • Från nyfödd
  • 100% biologisk bomull
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Bra kombination av sele och bärare.
Ingen översiktlig information varken för dig eller din baby.
Mysig sele som liknar en bärsjal till form och material.
Individuell passform.


  • Passar för nyfödda (minst 3 kg)
  • Material: 100% biologisk bomull
  • Snabb och lätt att använda
  • Passar ditt barn upp till 3 år

Never too small or too big. It adapts to your baby’s size, fits exactly and gives perfect support. But for many parents the baby sling is too complicated, as it has to be tied correctly each and every time it is used and furthermore, many parents do not like the appearance.

These are easier to use, but they have to grow with the baby. As your baby grows, more fabric is needed. So where to store the excess fabric? The standard solution is for the extra fabric to be  gathered up with the baby sitting uncomfortably on it. Or that the folds of fabric are gathered at the waist belt, which is also uncomfortable for the parents.

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